How to have a peaceful holiday:

1. Don’t have unrealistic expectations

This year might not be the same as the years before. Some people you love might not be around you. Some of the rituals and routines you used to have might no longer be applicable. The holiday might be full of tension, stress and loneliness that you didn’t expect. Adjust the expectations you have of yourself and others.

2. Have compassion

The world is in turmoil and the pandemic has taken its toll. Everyone needs a safe space to just be raw and real. Have compassion for your own emotions and the behaviour of others.

3. Don’t get into futile arguments

Arguments where you know you have little chance of changing someone’s mind seldom lead to better understanding unless people are really willing to engage with a different point of view. Many people are divided at this stage, you, your family and friends, don’t have to be.

4. Stay in your lane

If it is not your issue or your place to get involved and be indignant, don't.

5. Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind?

If you have nothing nice or kind to say, keep quiet. There is power in knowing when to keep quiet and when to speak up.

6. Manage your own emotions

It's been a long year. People have used most of their emotional resilience and outbursts are close to the surface. Contain situations by managing your own emotions. Don't blow, unless it is important enough to still matter in a year's time.

7. Have clear boundaries

Don't agree to things you know are going to make you feel resentful, anxious, used or abused.

8. Leave the past behind, let sleeping dogs lie

Don’t drag up old hurts and old slights and topics you know lead to friction and frayed relations.

9. Take responsibility for your own activities and entertainment

If being with, or without, people become too much, listen to good music. Read a book. Go for a walk. Call a friend. Learn how to make a new cocktail. Watch another Netflix movie.

10. Focus on the things that regulate your nervous system

What brings you back to calm? Nature, music, beauty, flowers, connecting with friends and family, exercise? Do this regularly to stay centred.

11. Be flexible

Plans change quickly for various reasons. Don’t be rigid and frustrated. Allow for space to flow and things to show up and fall into place without pushing, pulling and recriminations.

12. Laugh as often as you can

Joy and humour are great connectors and stress relievers. Finding the humour in situations will make it much easier on yourself and those around you.

13. Connect on a deeper level

Ask people how they really feel. Ask what matters to them and what they care about. The deeper we connect, the more authentic we are in our interactions, the closer we become.

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