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Navigate conflict in a more constructive, creative and effective way.


"Thanks for a great session. Your neutrality and objectivity was very well expressed and appreciated. I felt like I was in a safe space to unpack some of the issues keeping me up at night without being judged."

Startupbootcamp AfriTech 2018 Founder

"On behalf of everyone from CALS that attended the workshop, thanks for a very useful workshop.  Prior to the workshop, we had a number of discussions internally about what people expected from the workshop, and each of those expectations were met.  Everyone had great things to say about the workshop!"

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Palesa Madi, Acting Director - Centre for Applied Legal Studies

"An excellent facilitator on a very sensitive subject matter that was handled extremely well and resulted in behavioural changes by staff . Would recommend her services without a moment's hesitation!"

Wahida Parker, MD - TMAC

“Naëtt is a very gifted facilitator, she understands her subject deeply and is sensitive to her audience. She is one of the most professional people I have ever had the privilege of working with. Her work with people in conflict is inspiring and life changing for many of those she works with. I highly recommend Naëtt."

"We've used Naëtt's services on several occasions for workplace mediation and conflict training. Her experience and wisdom gives her a deep insight into people and how to handle difficult situations. She has an amazing ability to hold a space in a manner that is calm and collected while at the same time allowing people to say what they need to say."

Johan Du Toit, MD Height Safety

“I learned that between getting angry and burning stuff, there are many things that you can try. Thank you so much!”

Zuko, Apprentice - Spier Arts Academy

“Exceptionally useful.”

Mirna Wessels, CEO - Yellowwoods Art

“I really enjoyed the workshop and especially the insight into conflict hooks. Highly interactive and valuable.”

Azille Visser, Social worker - Comunicare

Naëtt Atkinson has run a number of Personal Financial Training seminars in our company over the past few months.

Those attending have come from varying pay levels, from our minimum wage staff to the more senior supervisory staff.


After each seminar I have received numerous positive comments from attendees, who have said that they have been given new insights into how to manage their money, how to budget properly, and even insights into how they waste their money! All have come away having been "wowed" by what they learned.


I can highly recommend this seminar for all levels of staff with your organization.

Rob Lewis, Financial Director - Life Green Group

Extremely useful advice and valuable insights that I will definitely implement.”

New mediator coachee - Mediation in Motion July 2017

Naëtt cuts through the clutter to get to the crux of the matter - in a non-judgemental way. Highly recommended.”

Yolanda Brand - Illumineer Media & Design
Damon Rice, Cape Craft and Design Institute
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