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It is a basic human need to be seen and heard.

Mediator | Facilitator | Mentor


I'm Naëtt and I am curious about the transformative qualities and possibilities that lie at the heart of misunderstanding, miscommunication and conflict.

As a mediator and facilitator, it’s my job to help you talk about the things that are difficult to discuss and get past the conflict. I help release the tension so that you focus on what is important. It is about arriving at a point where everyone can be content with the outcome. 

My background is both broad and deep. Having worked in industries that include education, corporate and NGOs (in the capacity of COO and MD), I have years of experience dealing with the challenges faced in multiple areas of life both professionally and personally.

My unique experience, skillset and insight, mean that my role is flexible and diverse. Mostly I see myself as a pragmatic miracle worker. Sometimes, a mediator, facilitator, mentor or coach. Often the voice of reason, asker of questions, finder of fresh insights and the example of creative solutions.


More About Me

The reason I am good at helping people navigate conflict is because I know what it feels like to be stuck, overwhelmed and going around in circles.

I gained an alternative perspective on life while teaching in deep rural Limpopo in the early 1990s.


It is easy for me to explain the story and emotion behind the numbers which makes me a valuable resource for Start-ups.

I'm not hindered by traditional ways of working which means I can quickly see how things can be done differently.


I have an innate ability to combine analytical skills and creativity. That's a winning combination for agile solutions.

Words that describe me are: warm, creative, trustworthy, non-judgemental, deep listener, fair, logical, tenacious, structured, ethical, discerning, calm.


I transfer really well.  Smoothly from the boardroom to the back- of- beyond, I relate and engage across cultures and situations. 

I'm someone you can trust. I keep my head when everyone else loses theirs.


To keep my balance and  stay centered, I cook, do ceramics and garden. Clay is forgiving. Flowers transform. 

I worked in Education, Corporate and NGO sectors for 30 years until I decided I can be of more value to a wider range of people in a different context.

Organisations that I am affiliated to

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