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Mediation Services
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People work with other people and everyone brings their emotions, preferences, fears, aspirations and personalities to work. Workplace conflict has a huge impact on the individuals involved, the team and ultimately the organisation. However, workplace conflict also holds the potential for understanding, healing and embracing diversity.

Workplace mediation is a positive opportunity to focus on communication and  mutual understanding to resolve conflict and restore relationships. If you have been asked to participate in a workplace mediation, it means that your employer is giving you the opportunity to try and resolve the matter with the assistance of an independent and neutral mediator, before invoking any more formal processes to manage any complaints or adverse workplace behaviours. 

Mediation is not a disciplinary process and should never be seen as such.

Some of the most common workplace mediation issues are:

  • Communication

  • Expectations in professional roles

  • Working relationship

  • Unfair treatment

  • Work environment

  • Mutual respect, trust and integrity 

  • Personal and professional values

  • Being unappreciated

If you are interested in mediating a workplace matter and would like more information please contact me.

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