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Mediation Services

"Polarity creates possibility and the opportunity for transformation."

Mediation is about communication, litigation is about combat. Mediation is not an offspring or lesser form of litigation, it is a completely different process that effectively resolves disputes through collaboration and communication. As an objective, impartial mediator I help you reframe your friction points and redesign your conversation so you can find a lasting solution and be at peace with the outcome.


It is your opportunity to change your approach to resolving conflict by choosing to talk about it. 



Although still fairly uncommon in South Africa, any commercial matter can be mediated and more and more companies are choosing to do so. If your interests are to preserve your relationships, have a speedier, less costly and more effective resolution to a commercial conflict than litigation, mediate your dispute. 


Commercial mediation is voluntary, confidential and the costs are split between the parties. The parties have substantial input in the ultimate outcome which increases buy-in and reduces 'shopping' for an alternative outcome and enforcement issues. 

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People work with other people and everyone brings their emotions, preferences, fears, aspirations and personalities to work. Workplace conflict has a huge impact on the individuals involved, the team and ultimately the organisation. However, workplace conflict also holds the potential for understanding, healing and embracing diversity.

Workplace mediation is a positive opportunity to focus on communication and  mutual understanding to resolve conflict and restore relationships. If you have been asked to participate in a workplace mediation, it means that your employer is giving you the opportunity to try and resolve the matter with the assistance of an independent and neutral mediator, before invoking any more formal processes to manage any complaints or adverse workplace behaviours. 

Mediation is not a disciplinary process and should never be seen as such.

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South Africa is a fragmented society and great disparity exists between different communities. Community mediation holds the possibility of giving a voice to the voiceless and the potential to come to resolutions in a more constructive manner.

Community mediation deals with multi-layered, multi-party, complex issues that can only be resolved in a process that is mutually respectful and allows time for healing, understanding and holding a picture of an alternative future.

I am currently part of a panel in two community mediations. One in Grabouw and one in George.

If you would like to approach me to be part of a community mediation please contact me. 

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