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Financial Confidence

Financial Negotiations

Money and conflict often go hand-in-hand and the majority of strikes in South Africa are about money. However, demands are often unrealistic and negotiations lack planning, preparation and financial knowledge. This gives rise to protracted and often destructive actions that have a negative impact on all involved. 


Aligned with the latest Accord on Collective Bargaining and Industrial Action, and the Code of Good Practice these workshops aim to help Shop Stewards and Union members become more aware of all the different factors they need to consider to constructively take negotiations beyond the 'bread and butter' demands. 

These 1 or 2-day workshops, for a maximum of 12 participants, are highly interactive and content is facilitated in a practical and easily accessible manner to ensure that constituencies undertake negotiations in good faith and according to the requirements set out in the latest agreements on Collective Bargaining, Industrial Action and Picketing.

The biggest value of these workshops is proactive and ongoing interaction, training and upskilling before any collective bargaining takes place and relationships and trust have already been compromised.

A value add to these workshops is ongoing facilitation of the demands during negotiations to support parties during the process and to transform the collective bargaining process to a process of interest based negotiations and mutually respectful interaction. 

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