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Conflict Confidence 

"Conflict is trying to tell you something.  Are you listening?"

Friction is inevitable and the source of it is often not in our control. However, how we respond to conflict is our responsibility. My workshops focus on helping individuals, groups and organisations to change their current patterns, beliefs and behaviours. How to use conflict as a tool for creating trust, understanding themselves and others better, eliminating negative behaviours, knee-jerk reactions and fear.



Constructive Conflict 

While conflict will occur in the workplace, conflict resolution can build stronger teams, establish trust and increase creativity. What matters is how we approach and resolve any potential, actual or underlying conflict. Some people are conflict averse, while others are stuck in negative conflict patterns. The ideal is to be assertive and to get to 'yes' with yourself and others in a constructive respectful manner.

This workshop focuses on awareness of current conflict patterns, bias and behaviours and how to change these with new skills and increased confidence to embrace and resolve conflict effectively.

For a workshop that is tailored to the specific needs of your organisation, please contact me.

Constructive Conflict Anchor

Constructive Communication

Miscommunication, bad communication, non-communication or negative communication all have the potential to spark conflict and keep it going in an increasingly destructive manner and have a negative impact on relationships and productivity.  


The way we speak to, listen to and hear each other matters. A lot! 


This workshop looks at current communication patterns between individuals, teams and departments and how to change these to create  clearer or more strategic messages, better understanding and more harmonious inclusive personal and professional relationships in future.

For a workshop that is tailored to the specific needs of your organisation, please contact me.

Constructive Communication Anchor

Creative With Conflict

“Creativity is more important than knowledge.” (Albert Einstein) And yet when we are in the midst of conflict we are often so anxious, tense or focused on a particular outcome that we forget to allow any creative options or solutions to emerge.


This workshop is designed to stimulate creative thinking, reframe the problem, think more laterally and access multiple solutions with lasting impact.

For a workshop that is tailored to the specific needs of your organisation, please contact me.

Creative with Conflict Anchor

Conflict Coaching

These sessions are tailored to help individuals understand, cope with and confront conflict situations in their lives with confidence. Together we craft a plan that is tailored to your specific needs so that you can transform the way you feel, react to and handle conflict.


These sessions are valuable:

  • Before conflict manifests to help you gain more confidence and     eliminate unsupportive behaviours. 

  • During conflict to help you regain equilibrium and be clear about the outcome you seek and why.

  • After conflict to restore confidence, reflect on behaviours and reduce lingering issues.

Conflict Coaching Anchor
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