People connect with stories. Especially stories that teach, inspire, share and connect our experiences.


Through my blogs I hope to share elements of immediately useful actions or surprisingly revealing self-discoveries. 

I would love to know which one it sparked in you.

Please send me your comments, insights and stories.


April 29, 2019

Image: Jerry's Burger Bar - Cape Town

My current business card is at the bottom of the post. Yes, I know it says nothing about what I do, but it has the important information about me right? You know my name, you know my number and you know where to mail me.  You can call me, write to me, or cyber stalk me!

Chances are that if you have one of these, we’ve met somewhere, I explained what I do, and you asked for my card.

And yet, the responses I’ve had to such a...

April 29, 2019

Image: The Wise Fool - Sargam Griffen

Some time ago I received a short and to the point email asking me to submit a proposal for some training. It is a big project and would have been a fantastic way to start 2019.

I was so ready and excited that …. I forgot my own negotiation skills!

Once I realised that I was most probably the ‘Fool’ and not the ‘Favourite’ I had spent way too much time and energy on this project.

Which important 5 things did I forget?

1. I fo...

April 9, 2019

Recently I took a  long road trip on my own so I had hours and hours to myself and the sheer luxury of mind-space and musings.  I have a stream of consciousness setting that is especially prominent under those circumstances.   I wonder about many things, but  mostly about conflict (because I'm on a mission to find freer ways of dealing with this) , power imbalances and random stuff that crop up in life....

April 3, 2019

I love sewing!  It is in my secret  talent box next to gardening, flowers, embroidery and being really good with babies! However, I also love the possibility of transforming conflict and often look for the overlap of processes between my private passions and professional persona.

While I was cutting fabric recently, I was thinking about the care with which I construct garment to fit perfectly and the path of conflict transformation.

Most i...

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